Little Plastic Bottles

How can i possibly live my life without leaving a strew of these little plastic bottles after me everywhere I go?

I was recently lucky enough to be able to fly over to the USA from Australia for a holiday, and thus I journeyed, as much as I could, staying at places via the website “Airbnb“; which helps people stay in other peoples homes- a cheaper and somewhat greener alternative to hotels and thus, I could leave less of a trail of those little shampoo and conditioner bottles in every town I visited. And it was great; if Airbnb need a spokesperson for any reason, I’m all theirs.

And so, on I journeyed, with a delightful stopover in a momentarily very rainy Fiji, and as I nursed my weak travelers stomach, tenderly navigating the last part of my journey, from one side of the island to another, I was overcome with the deepest sadness as perfect beach after perfect beach, school yard after school yard, village after village, I was watching Fiji stream by, seeing her beautiful landscape slowly fill up with a wasteland of plastic bottles, plastic bags and general plastic crap. Large and small.

As all of our countries (Australia, USA, Canada, Europe, Where are you from?) slowly wrap our heads around the idea that suffocating landfill is a terrible reality, and slowly gather our momentum towards recycling, reducing landfill and terribly ingenious ideas towards reducing the use of plastic bags and what not, our little delightful neighbors, fall by the way side…

Tropical islands, covered in resorts, equipped to offer the perfect 5 star supreme get away, are facing the increasing face of not actually having that recycling plant the rest of us could probably find within a few miles from most of our houses.

As big fat cane toads slugged on by, my initial feeling of being delighted to stop over in Fiji quickly became overshadowed by just feeling bad. Feeling sorry. Feeling inconceivably sorry that once again a bunch of holiday makers and money makers have raped yet another pristine environment.

I have no Great Green Idea to save this world. But in my dream state the airlines and cruise ships (ah hem – Pacific Air) that fly and boat us all in and out, invest a bazillion dollars into a small and extremely functional recycling plant, that turns the volcano of mini shampoo and conditioner bottles into fake pearl necklaces and gardening hats. Richard Branson somehow implements some kind of strategy to save the islands of our tropical dreams. He owns one doesn’t he? Surely he understands.

This may not be a great green idea… this may be more a great green question mark.

But I am finding that the WordPress community of green thinkers seems to be a growing and intelligent bunch, so tell me, what are your thoughts?




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