Organic Waste Collection Services….

I have just received a super friendly and slightly confusing letter from my local council, stating our area is going to start an organics and garden waste collection service because our local dump is quickly filling, and we need to do something about it.

I agree.

I am very glad that this service will be starting up. I guess….


The letter states the service will cost $360 whether I request to have 1 bin, or 6 bins for waste collection each week.

I would like to suggest to any other residential dweller in the area, instead of spending that quarterly $360.00, on and on for the rest of our lives, to hop on down to the local hardware store and invest in a worm farm and a composter. And never throw out anything organic ever again.

Worms eat just about anything and everything, and the things the don’t (onion peel, citrus rind, garlic) and all your garden waste- goes into the composter.

My garden is SMALL – it’s about 10 paces across and 4 paces wide.

In that space I recycle, compost, tend to my worms, grow eggplant, basil, parsley, strawberries, lettuce and lemongrass.

Why pay for the Council to take away something that can grow your food? Gives nutrients to your soil? Give nutrients to your soul?

I understand that restaurants throw away so much food, and I wonder why that is so easily excused?

Why not have that alley way down the back made into a herb garden?

Is it really too hard?


I would like to thank Hungry Beast on the ABC, for another golden piece of information that keeps me motivated….

“A quarter of the food wasted in the first world could feed all the people starving in the Third World.”*


3 responses to “Organic Waste Collection Services….

  1. very valid points. good luck with your electric vehicle, i hope that it is so successful that it makes here to the U.S.A. we all need more great ideas like these.

  2. Hi There..

    First thanks for the visit to our site and the like on our Natural Wellness Solutions post… it’s appreciated…

    RE: Organic pickup… we are in Whitby, Ontario Canada, just outside of Toronto. We have had the organic and garden waste pick up for some time now, it does create more work for the one on garbage duty, we have cardboard, paper, glass and can reyclying too… ☺Being organized helps, and our land fill waste garbage has been greatly reduced. We are allowed two landfill garbage bags per week per househould any over that we get charged for. Of course we are taxed to death over here, so thankfully we don’t have to pay any extra to have the recycling/organic pick up.

    The system seems to working very well, large amounts of waste have been diverted from the landfill, and a couple times a year the Town of Whitby works dept sets up a saturday morning open to the public to come and get as much organic dirt as possible for thier own gardens.

    Good luck with your system… ☺

    Have a fabulous day… ☺

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